IKO Permatrack Road Surface Patch Repairs

The combination of increased traffic levels and severe weather events has led to a marked increase in potholes in recent years – and their appearance puts pressure on highway engineers to repair them quickly with minimum disruption to road users.

The IKO Permatrack Patch Repair System has been specifically designed to address the pothole problem, along with larger delaminated areas such as bus stops, HGV pull-ins or areas with severe sub-base problems.

Providing a long service life, even in high shear situations and standing traffic areas, IKO Permatrack Patch Repair System offers lower highway maintenance costs in the long term. This innovative system also provides a fast installation and can be trafficable within a few hours without the need for frequent maintenance. This makes IKO Permatrack a favourable choice for local authorities as road closures and disruption to public can be minimised.

Thin wearing areas can also be repaired without the need of large patch removal. This BBA HAPAS approved product also provides excellent skid resistance, increasing the road safety.

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  • UK Manufacturing

IKO Pacopatch Ironworks Reinstatement System

    Key Benefits to your project
    • No costly second visit – IKO Pacopatch gives a long-term road reinstatement installation every…

    • No void system – Impermeable and monolithic mastic asphalt reinstatement solution

    • No compaction required – No roller or plate compactor required and no more damage…

    IKO Permatrack H – Inlaid Crack Repair System

      Key Benefits to your project
      • BBA approved (Certificate No. 02/H072)

      • Highways England Registered Product (No. 028 – 22/08/2002)

      • Rapid installation to unlimited width and depth with no compaction required

      IKO Permatrack Road Surface Patch Repair System

        Key Benefits to your project
        • Minimum depth of repair 40mm, no maximum depth

        • Repairs thin wearing layers with no need for large patch removal, including SMA

        • Rut resistance @50°C 3mm/hr

        IKO Permatrack Transition Joint to Railway Lines System

          Key Benefits to your project
          • Versatile and waterproof system

          • Rapid installation reducing delays and inconvenience

          • Unlimited joint width and depth

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