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Mastic Asphalt a versatile construction material for the repair of roads offering total waterproofing integrity acting as a tough and durable surface for repairing roads. Mastic asphalt is one of the world’s most traditional construction materials and has continued to develop with the times, even in today’s hi-tech building industry. Since the 1980's modern mastic asphalt has contained highly advanced polymer formulations making it flexible, lighter and easier to install.

Used for simple patch repair to complex reinstatement works IKO can offer both design support and product solutions. Potholes have seen a marked increase in recent years caused by a combination of increased traffic levels and server weather causing potential hazards for drivers.

Why Choose IKO?
  • Full Range of Products from One Manufacturer

  • Expert Product Support

  • Commitment to Sustainability

  • UK Manufacturing

IKO Permatrack H – Inlaid Crack Repair System

    Key Benefits to your project
    • BBA approved (Certificate No. 02/H072)

    • Highways England Registered Product (No. 028 – 22/08/2002)

    • Rapid installation to unlimited width and depth with no compaction required

    IKO Permatrack Road Surface Patch Repair System

      Key Benefits to your project
      • Minimum depth of repair 40mm, no maximum depth

      • Repairs thin wearing layers with no need for large patch removal, including SMA

      • Rut resistance @50°C 3mm/hr

      IKO Permatrack PSB Strip

        Key Benefits to your project
        • BBA approved (Certificate No. 02/H072)

        • Easily recyclable and environmentally non-polluting conforming to Carbon Zero initiative

        • High bond strength to substrate with no special primers or bonders needed

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