Suitable and Certified for use in all Tiled and Slated Pitched Roof Construction

IKO Rubershield

A second-generation breather membrane, which conforms to BS 5534: 2014 and has BBA certification** to support its use within fully supported or unsupported tiled or slated roofing systems.

The high vapour permeability and weather-resistant nature of this triple-layer engineered fabric provide a permanent quality underlay, making IKO Rubershield the professionals’ ultimate choice.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly breathable so allows the escape of harmful moisture vapour 
  • Robust
  • Weather-resistant
  • Long-term durability
  • Ideal for warm or cold roof applications (ventilated/unventilated)
  • BBA Certification for all roof configurations**
  • Compliant with BS 5534:2014

**As specified within BS5534:2014, membranes tested to Zone 1 at equal to or less than 250mm Batten Gauge are suitable for use in all Wind Zones at any Batten Gauge when fully supported by a nominally air tight sheet sarking board i.e. plywood, OSB, rigid insulation board.

Tear ResistanceTensile Strength
IKO Rubershield ECOLongitudinal 70 Transverse 60Longitudinal 180 Transverse 90
IKO Rubershield ECO ExtraLongitudinal 80 Transverse 70Longitudinal 200 Transverse 110
IKO Rubershield PROLongitudinal 100 Transverse 80Longitudinal 240 Transverse 150
IKO Rubershield Pro ExtraLongitudinal 100 Transverse 90Longitudinal260 Transverse 200