IKO – Committed to Fire Safety

Posted on March 25, 2022 by IKO-Team

IKO Mach Two Rolls

IKO pays close attention to the fire resistance of our products, both our roofing membranes and insulation boards are manufactured to be fire-resistant. With the all new IKO Mach Two, this is no different.

IKO Mach Two is a completely flame-free system, incorporating the Prevent Graphite Fire Wall Technology with self-extinguishing properties. This means that you won’t have to worry about the possibility of a fire on your roof – IKO Mach Two will extinguish it for you in just 7.11 seconds.

The fire resistance of the IKO membranes is achieved by adding expandable graphite to the upper surface of the inlay. The graphite acts as a fire retardant through the specific swelling effect, shielding the flame and the heat, stopping any dripping of the coating and limiting smoke development.

Furthermore, the graphite does not leach, meaning the fire-retardant effect remains stable over the years. Mach Two has also been classified as Broof (t4) in accordance with BS EN 13501-5: 2005 fire classification of construction products and building elements and comes with a 25-year guarantee.

Our Mach One single layer system has been a market leader for decades. We have used those years of experience and expertise to develop an evolution of this popular product. Mach Two delivers a tougher product in a single layer that can be installed even faster without the use of fire.

Most top layers from the IKO range meet the European standard for external fire exposure Broof T1 or T2 (with or without the use of wind during the tests). The top-of-the-range models such as Carrara, Carbon and Pantera comply with the 4 European tests (including heat test).

IKO have been committed to fire safety in the past and only aim to continue and improve this commitment in the coming years of change. The development of IKO Mach Two demonstrates this, as well as IKO’s devotion to innovation.