IKO Hyload Copeclose

IKO Hyload Copeclose is a tough flexible cavity closure unit consisting of a semi rigid support board bonded to a section of polyethylene foam insulation, which locates the unit into the cavity.

This product is employed directly beneath horizontal DPCs occurring under coping stones and pervious capping sections over cavity wall construction in order to provide support and prevent sagging of the DPC material. Units are manufactured to order, for cavity widths of 50mm to 140mm maximum.

This product is made to order with a minimum order quantity required of 40 linear metres (and further increments of 40 thereafter) – Please contact your Local IKO Business Manager for further information.

Key Benefits to your project

  • Flexible for ease of handling on site

  • Supplied in 1m lengths allowing continous DPC support

  • Polymeric material providing a stable substrate for the DPC

  • Easily cut and shaped ensuring rapid installation

  • Note: Minimum order quantity required

Technical Information

Product Information

Brand: IKO Hyload

Installation Method: Loose Laid

Material: Polymeric

Product Colour: Black


Key Performance Criteria

Length mm: 1000

Thickness mm: 17

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