IKO Metatech

A two-component coating based on methacrylates that cures after the hardener powder has been incorporated. Apart from fast curing (after only 45 minutes), IKO metatech is also characterised by rapid installation, as the second layer is applied wet-on-wet to the first layer.

Key Benefits to your project

  • Two-component: extremely fast installation and drying

  • Sustainable PMMA technology

  • Installation possible under poor weather conditions

Technical Information

Product Information

Brand: IKO Metatech

Installation Method: Roller

Product Type: Cold Applied Liquid - Commercial, Floor

Profession: Installing Contractors, Specifiers & Designers

SKU: 02412010

Sector: Community & Amenity, Education, Health, Hotel & Leisure, Industrial, Infrastructure, Mixed Use, Offices, Retail, Utilities

Substrate: Bituminous Membranes, Concrete, Felt, Mastic Asphalt, Metal, Timber (Plywood-OSB), Wood

Key Performance Criteria

IKO Guarantee: 10 Year, 15 Year, 20 Year


Size Litres: 10, 20

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