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IKO Rubershield Fireguard Housewrap

IKO Rubershield Fireguard Housewrap is a low flammability, vapour permeable membrane, for use within framed wall construction as a house wrap. This vapour permeable breather membrane offers all the characteristics of the current IKO Rubershield range with the added benefit of fire retardant properties that self-extinguish if ignited, providing a solution in line with part B of the Approved Documents – fire regulations.

IKO Rubershield Fireguard Housewrap achieves a classification B-s1-d0 to BS EN13501-1, with a limited contribution to smoke production (s1), and forms no droplets when burnt (d0), providing a solution in line with Part B – fire safety regulations.

IKO Rubershield Fireguard Housewrap is suitable for use within most constructions and when used with the IKO Rubershield lap and jointing tapes, this component product forms an airtight and watertight secondary barrier to liquid water and reduces smoke penetration to the construction.

Key Benefits to your project

  • Breathable – product allows the passage of harmful water vapour

  • Weather Resistant – Acts as a secondary barrier to liquid water, wind driven snow & debris

  • Fire Resistant – Reaction to fire (EN 13501-1): B-s1-d0

  • Lightweight and Flexible – Ease of transportation and use on-site

Technical Information

Product Information

Brand: IKO Rubershield

Product Colour: White

Product Finish: Fabric

Product Type: Breather Membrane - Housewrap

Key Performance Criteria

Fire Performance: B-s1-d0 (EN 13501-1)


Length mm: 50000

Thickness mm: 0.3

Weight: 90g/m2

Width mm: 1500

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