IKOpro Stickall

IKOpro Stickall is a dense, all weather, bituminous sealing glue that remains plastic under normal temperatures and adheres well to most building surfaces including wet surfaces. It is a multi-purpose product with high permanent adhesive strength, good UV stability and resistance to sagging at high temperatures.

Key Benefits to your project

  • Long lasting sealant adhesive

  • Used to seal cracks and blisters on felt roofs, as a sealant along the edges of ridge tiles and between laps or around bolt holes on sheeted roofs

  • Around roof lights and for the repair of gutters

  • Finishing mastic for sealing of rainwater pipes, chimneys and all sorts of roof penetrations

  • Cold applied adhesive for additional bonding of bituminous shingles

  • Sealing corrugated sheet accessories

Technical Information

Product Information

Brand: IKOpro

By Project Type: DIY

Installation Method: Sealent Gun

Material: Bituminous

Product Colour: Black

Product Finish: Matt

Product Type: Waterproofing Repair and Protection Solutions

Profession: Home Owners, Merchants & Resellers

SKU: 2401671

Sector: Domestic

Substrate: Brick, Concrete, Masonry, Plastic, Slates


Size Litres: 0.31

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