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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below some of the most frequently asked questions about IKO, the IKO product range, services, support and a whole host of other topics.

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What is the difference between tissue-faced and foil-faced thermal insulation boards?
Why is choosing the right gutters so important?

Membrane lined gutters have now been used in the roofing and cladding industry for many years. These can be in the form of single skin, insulated and composite gutter systems. When designed and installed correctly… Read More

6 Reasons to Consider a Rooftop SuDS Solution

Making the most of your flat roof areas using a Rooftop SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) can make good sense when used in the correct application with the correct specification and installation. Rooftop SuDS are… Read More

Life Expectancy of Single Ply Membranes

Single Ply Membranes are often considered to be new technology when in fact the first single ply roofs were installed over 6o years ago. The membranes have evolved since then with the introduction of PVC… Read More

Wind Load on Flat Roofs

The calculation of wind loads on a roof is an essential part of the design process. The designer must ensure that the installed roof system is able to resist the wind load induced by a… Read More

What is the fire rating of single ply membranes?

The fire rating of a single ply membrane is determined through standardised testing methods, which take into account the complete flat roof system from the structural deck upwards. There are different fire ratings for construction… Read More

Offsite Construction Methods and Their Benefits

The construction industry is turning more and more to offsite construction methods and the trend will become even more popular in the future. The main reasons behind this are the tighter build programmes, higher levels… Read More

Rainwater outlets in flat roof design

A lot of rain is falling onto flat roofs, and from the dawning day of the flat roof, it always has done. So the question is when dealing with the problem of flat roof drainage,… Read More

How to select the right roofing cap sheet?

What is a roofing cap sheet? Roofing felt also known as reinforced bitumen membranes (RBMs) comes in many types and for every budget. They are an effective way to waterproof flat roofs of various buildings… Read More

Why do I need to waterproof a car park?

Car parks offer the simplicity of leaving your car somewhere that should be safe and secure, but in order to keep the actual structure safe, secure and waterproof the build-up and structures are far from… Read More

What is a Single Point Guarantee?

Single point guarantees are often preferred by specifiers and building owners, as the responsibility for all the elements of the guarantee, including workmanship defects, material quality/performance issues and design input, is placed with the product… Read More

Can you provide thermal insulation guidance?

The roofing works to be carried out will need to comply with the requirements of Building Regulations 2000, Part L (Revision October 2010) in England & Wales, or The Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004, Section 6… Read More

What is the BRE Green Guide?

The Green Guide is part of BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) and is an accredited environmental rating scheme for buildings. It was first published in 1996 and today contains more than 1500 specifications used in… Read More

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