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Hot Melt Roofing Systems

Hot melt systems are buried applications that are suitable for inverted roofs and best used on a concrete substrate. They are not UV stable and need protecting with ballast, paving or green roof finishes. Popular for new build projects, they are fully bonded and easy to install systems. In the event of a leak, water cannot track; therefore it is easily detected and repaired which provides a great advantage to building occupiers.

Thanks to their high tensile strength, IKO Hot Melt Systems provide a tough surface and high resistance to impact damage. They set immediately after installation and become highly resistant to rain, snow and frost. Due to their low temperature flexibility, work can proceed during winter months, minimising the lost times in construction.

Manufactured in Matlock, Derbyshire, IKO Hot Melt Systems can be delivered either in blocks with minimal packaging or hot charge tankers, both offering excellent sustainability credentials for carbon footprint and site waste. They provide a long life expectancy with a BBA stating ‘lasts for the design time of the building’ and guarantees of up-to 25 years. This is a great system if you wish to waterproof, bury and forget.

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IKO Permatec Anti-Root System

    Key Benefits to your project
    • Hot Melt

    • BBA Approved (Cert No.03/4009)

    • Less waste to control and dispose of – Zero waste packaging

    IKO Permatec Podium System

      Key Benefits to your project
      • BBA Approved (Cert No.03/4009)

      • Environmentally friendly – made with recycled content

      • Less waste to control and dispose of – Zero waste packaging

      IKO Permaflash D

        Key Benefits to your project
        • For use with the IKO Permatec System

        • Installed to reinforce upstands, change of angle details and minor movement joints

        • Accommodate subsequent differential movement

        IKO Permaflash R

          Key Benefits to your project
          • 55g/m2 polyester reinforcement sheet

          • Provides high tensile strength

          • Installed within the IKO Permatec System

          IKO Permaguard F

            Key Benefits to your project
            • 180g/m2 polyester based bitumen membrane

            • Protection layer within the IKO Permatec System

            • BBA approved (Certificate No. 03/4009)

            IKO Permaguard HDPB (Heavy Duty Protection Board)

              Key Benefits to your project
              • Dimensionally stable

              • Resistant to normal weathering conditions

              • Manufactured in 2m2 sheets – simplifies estimation and installation

              IKO Permatec High Penetration Primer

                Key Benefits to your project
                • A brush or roller applied bituminous priming solution

                • BBA approved (Certificate No. 03/4009)

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