Protecting our future

Every decision we make in construction now will define the quality and balance of life for generations to come. Developing the DNA of a sustainable project involves using clear and measurable targets across the triple bottom line of sustainability – environmental, social, and economic. But none of this can be achieved if there is a weak spot in the supply chain. Which is why a trusted manufacturing partner is vital to provide not only a high performing product, but a dependable service and a friendly, experienced team which has sustainability goals at its core.

With IKO, you can depend. Depend on us to help contribute to the quality of our environment, to people’s lives, and help shape the appearance, nature and function of our towns and countryside with safe, green and sustainable methods.

Reducing Our Environmental Impact

At IKO, we work tirelessly to reduce our impact on the environment where we can. Product is readily available and can be delivered quickly thanks to our locally stocked warehouses located across the UK. Our close relationships with trusted distributors means product is delivered locally and on time, ensuring minimal disruption to works on site as well as reducing carbon emissions.

Three of our manufacturing sites have all achieved the ISO 14001:2015 accreditation that requires us to have an effective environmental management system. We divert tonnes of waste away from landfill and convert this into usable forms of energy, including heat and electricity, helping to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

We have a ‘zero to landfill’ policy, meaning 100 per cent of our waste is recycled and reused. Even our waste electrical items and metal materials are processed and re-used or recycled.

With IKO, you can trust our raw materials are responsibly sourced and where possible, locally sourced.

By reducing carbon emissions and landfill usage, whilst proactively thinking ahead about the socio-environmental impact of our work, our commitment to the environment and local communities is rooted at our very core, and is implemented within every business decision we make.