Civil engineering

When it comes to road maintenance projects, we know how important it is to offer products with rapid installation and long-term durability, so the road closures and inconvenience to road users can be minimised. That’s why IKO Permatrack road repair and protection systems have been chosen for many prestigious projects across the country.

Thanks to the ease and speed of installation, the work can be scheduled overnight, avoiding rush hour and enabling the roads to open again for the busy times of the day. Long durability also offers low product lifecycle cost, minimising the spend in the long-term.

Our mastic asphalt road maintenance systems also offer a carbon-neutral solution. The net carbon footprint is entirely offset using internationally approved carbon credits, which means for every tonne of mastic asphalt made, we are helping to fund environmental and humanitarian causes.

"We previously specified IKO Permatrack materials and found them to be the perfect solution for numerous bridge joints and crack repairs. Having used this product several times with no issues, it has now become the obvious ‘go-to’ system for us. The fact that all the carbon produced, from manufacture to installation, can be offset is not just great from an environmental point of view, but it is also ethically the right thing to do."
Mohammed Jaja
Construction Manager for Connect Plus