IKO’s specifications and standard details documents provide architects, engineers, and contractors with comprehensive guidelines for construction projects. These documents outline precise specifications and standard details for the installation and use of IKO products, ensuring adherence to industry standards and facilitating smooth project execution with optimal performance and longevity.

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BT001 IKO Britorch SBS Insulated Hybrid System

BT002 IKO Britorch SBS Insulated Torch Applied System

BT003 IKO Britorch SBS Uninsulated Hybrid System

BT004 IKO Britorch SBS Uninsulated Torch Applied System

ES001 IKO Easyseal Pro Insulated Cold Applied System

ES002 IKO Easyseal Pro Uninsulated Cold Applied System

IKO Armourplan SG PSG Standard Details

IKO Armourplan Systems Overview

IKO BUR & Liquids Systems Overview

IKO HMMA Systems Overview (April 2022)

IKO Permaguard Systems Overview (October 2021)

PT001 IKO Protorch Insulated Hybrid System

PT002 IKO Protorch Insulated Torch Applied System

PT003 IKO Protorch Uninsulated Hybrid System

PT004 IKO Protorch Uninsulated Torch Applied System