Highways & civils (IKO Road) systems

The IKO Road portfolio offers high performing bituminous road surfacing and repair solutions that are essential to ensuring road networks remain open. The installation can be rapid and fast cooling, which allows for a quick reopening of the area to traffic.

The flexibility and long lasting durability of IKO Road’s surfacing and repair solutions are paramount to avoiding follow up visits that cost extra time and money.

Mastic asphalt forms the basis of the IKO Road systems designed for ironwork reinstatements (IKO Pacopatch), crack repairs, flexible bridge joints, transition joints and complete bridge deck surfacing (IKO Permatrack). These solutions can be used for emergency repairs, as well as reactive and preventative maintenance.

With the number of vehicles on our roads increasing, it is crucial to use high performing, long lasting road repair and maintenance systems and products from IKO. The low life cycle cost and durability of mastic asphalt makes it ideal for strict budgets and deadlines. It can be used on large continuous areas or small patch repairs.

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Key benefits to your project

  • Hot applied flowable material – no compaction required.
  • Can be classed as voidless – no water penetration to cause damage.
  • Little or no waste – only remelt quantity needed for the job in hand.
  • Quick and easy installation process with material guarantees.
  • Rapid cooling – minimises road closure times.
  • Repairs can be completed overnight – no disruption to rush hour traffic.
  • BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing and carbon neutral.
  • Long-term durability to withstand heavy traffic.
  • Mastic asphalt materials supplied direct to site in block form for remelt, or, for larger projects, in ‘ready to lay’ hot charge transporters.
  • Only installed by registered IKO contractors and installations monitored where possible by IKO site engineers.
Highways & civils (IKO Road) systems

IKO Pacopatch ironworks reinstatement system

  • No costly second visit – IKO Pacopatch gives a long-term road reinstatement installation every time.
  • No extended road closures – quick and easy to lay for a faster installation.
  • Materials guarantee of up to 5 years.
Highways & civils (IKO Road) systems

IKO Permatrack road surface patch repair system

  • BBA Hapas certified – 02/H072 Sheet 3 Issue 1 ‘IKO Permatrack Patch Repair System for Highways’.
  • Complies with Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works (MCHW), Volume 1, Series 900, Clause 946.
Highways & civils (IKO Road) systems

IKO Permatrack H bridge expansion joint system

  • Complies with DMRB document CD 357 ‘Bridge expansion joints’ as a flexible plug joint.
  • National Highways certified registration No. 028 in accordance with DMRB CD 357 ‘Bridge expansion joints’.
  • Suitable for any depth exceeding 70mm and any width.
Highways & civils (IKO Road) systems

IKO Permatrack inlaid crack repair system

  • BBA Hapas certified – 02/H072 ‘IKO Permatrack Crack Sealing Systems for Highways’.
  • Unlimited depth and width.
  • Long-term durability – designed to last a minimum of three years.
Highways & civils (IKO Road) systems

IKO Permatrack transition joint system

  • BBA Hapas certified – adopting 02/H072 ‘IKO Permatrack Crack Sealing System for Highways’.
  • High bond strength to substrate.
  • Accommodates differential movements.
Highways & civils (IKO Road) systems

IKO Permatrack bridge surfacing system

  • Covered in BSI document PD6691 – guidance on the use of BS EN 13108 bituminous mixtures.
  • Waterproof surfacing – contributes to the overall waterproofing of the structure. Impervious to water and unaffected by freeze/thaw cycling.
  • Reduced loadings – dead loads on structure can be reduced through less thickness of surfacing.