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IKO Armourplan Bonded PSG BIM

IKO Armourplan Bonded SG BIM

IKO Armourplan Mechanically Fixed P BIM

IKO Armourplan Mechanically Fixed SM BIM

IKO BUFR System Guidance Document

IKO Education Brochure

IKO Elements Sustainable Roofing Systems Brochure

IKO ESG Brochure

IKO Flat and Pitched Roofing Design Guide (March 2024)

IKO Flat Roof Systems Permapark Paving

IKO Flat Roof Systems Permatec

IKO Flat Roof Systems Ultra Prevent

IKO Guidance document BS6229 (October 2021 Changes)

IKO Hyload DPC System Guidance Document

IKO Hyload SA Waterproofing System Guidance Document