IKO podium roof systems are types of inverted roofs used to create communal outdoor spaces in the form of roof platforms, predominantly serving as trafficked amenity spaces.

Podium roof systems can be utilised as plazas and car parks or include landscaped recreational areas similar to green roofing. Podium roofing is typically specified for larger roof spaces of strong structures such as office blocks, retail and leisure centres, and larger residential developments.

Hard landscaping applications are available for podium roofs to allow for the required weight loading. The options vary from bedded to free-draining paving systems. Soft landscaping options include gardens, lawns, turf, and rubber crumb.

Key benefits to your project

  • Additional recreational areas improve building occupant experience and create a comfortable external environment.
  • Amenity spaces on podium roofs help maximise the footprint of buildings, especially in city areas.
  • Storm management can be improved through specification of permeable paving and correct depth of substrate.
  • The flexibility of these systems means there are very few restrictions for design scope.
  • The value of the building can be increased considerably.
Podium roof systems

IKO Permatec anti-root inverted roof system

  • BBA approved.
  • Less waste to control and dispose of meaning zero waste packaging.
  • Eliminates the need for a separate heavyweight root control membrane.
Podium roof systems

IKO Permatec Ecowrap Inverted Roof System

  • Long-lasting, durable waterproofing.
  • Simple system – easy specification.
  • Tough and resistant to impact damage because of its high tensile strength.
Podium roof systems

IKO Permatec Podium System

  • Easily recyclable.
  • Excellent low temperature flexibility.
  • Outstanding durability – lasts for the design time of the building.
Podium roof systems

IKO Permaphalt Inverted Roof System

  • Polymer-modified mastic asphalt roofing available to IKO approved installers only.
  • Improved flexibility, fatigue resistance, and long-term performance.
  • BBA approved (Certificate No. 89/2299).
Podium roof systems

IKO Roofstar System

  • Complies with BS EN 12970:2000.
  • Long-term durability with resistance to movement.
  • Completely seamless waterproofing with vapour resistivity.
Podium roof systems

IKO Roofstar Plus System

  • General purpose polymer-modified mastic asphalt roofing available to all mastic asphalt installers.
  • Enhanced flexibility and laying qualities across a wide temperature range.
  • 20-year materials guarantee.