Backed by IKO’s long-standing heritage and technical expertise, our IKO Elements range of sustainable roofing systems has been designed to stand the test of time.

As pressures grow on the private and public sectors to decarbonise buildings and make them more climate-resilient, we are committed to helping you meet your sustainability goals. With complete supply chain transparency and environmentally responsible sourcing, we’re proud to offer you the right roofing solution that benefits the planet, too.

Through our network of trusted sustainable roofing partners, we have the knowledge to build bespoke sustainable roof packages that are tailored to your needs. All while offering peace of mind through our turnkey service.

Sustainable roofing systems

IKO Elements green roofs

  • Environmentally friendly roofing solutions.
  • Include eco-roofs, vegetated roofs, living roofs, or even sod roofs.
  • Either extensive or intensive green roofs.
Sustainable roofing systems

IKO Elements bio solar roofs

  • Install photovoltaic renewable energy on your green or blue roof.
  • Perfect for any kind of flat roof.
  • Can enhance your BREEAM credit rating for the roof element.
Sustainable roofing systems

IKO Elements solar PV roofs

  • Flat roofs lend themselves perfectly to the incorporation of solar panels.
  • Highly effective solution to sustainable energy practices.
  • Resulting in energy generation and cost savings over time.
Sustainable roofing systems

IKO Elements blue roofs (SUDS)

  • Support sustainable urban development.
  • Combines a unified drainage and attenuation space within the roof structure.
  • Stored water can be released at a controlled rate or used for greywater or irrigation purposes.

Advice & guidance

Why choose IKO Elements?​


High performance​

All our integrated roofing systems are tailored to suit a project’s individual needs and, importantly, are built to last.



We’re continually improving and innovating to offer smarter, more sustainable roofing systems – whether they are green, solar, bio solar or blue.



We understand the importance of knowing every step of the supply chain. With IKO Elements, you have peace of mind throughout the whole journey.



You can trust us: IKO has over 140 years’ of manufacturing experience in roofing, insulation and waterproofing systems, so we are widely recognised for our reliability. IKO Elements builds on our ability to meet evolving market needs.


Full service

We offer customers an integrated solution, including design assistance, on-site advice and customer training – whatever the sector, building type, goal or objective.


IKO Guarantee

All of our waterproofing systems come with an IKO-backed guarantee of up to 30 years, helping to ensure your building is energy efficient and protected for the future.

Spotlight on IKO Elements solutions​

Looking to optimise performance or improve sustainability of your roof project? We’ve got you covered.

Our team of roofing specialists will work with you every step of the way to help meet your long-term goals and futureproof your building. With an extensive range of high-performance and durable waterproofing systems, IKO Elements ensures the ideal roofing system is specified for your project.

We understand the importance of getting your roofing system right first time to minimise the risk of repairs down the line. This is why all our roofing solutions are made from the highest quality, long-lasting materials – and sourced in an environmentally responsible way.

Our trusted roofing partners

Working with our curated network of roofing specialists, we offer everything you need all under one roof. Every single partner has been handpicked by IKO for their expertise, ethical operations and product excellence, in order to provide a total turnkey service offering.

We only work with approved partners that reflect our company values and principles. Together, our collective knowledge and extensive product portfolio can make your sustainable roofing vision a reality.

Our carefully selected roofing partners include:

Eco Green Roofs

Sky Garden

Inspired Energy

SOL PV Group

K2 Systems

IKO Elements.
Exceeding expectations, always.

Interested in more information on IKO Elements sustainable roofing systems? Download our brochure or contact us.