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IKO Elements bio solar roof systems

The IKO Elements bio solar roof system is a single-source solution that makes it easy to install photovoltaic renewable energy on your green or blue roof. Our integrated solution is built to leverage the power of substrate and vegetation to create a secure and durable ballasted installation mechanism that is perfect for new build construction or refurbishment projects.

This versatile system is perfect for any kind of flat roof, and can help you achieve your sustainability goals by allowing you to qualify your entire roof area as a green roof. Plus, if you elect to use a biodiversity vegetation finish, you can further enhance your BREEAM credit rating for the roof element. With the bio solar system, you can take advantage of the latest in renewable energy technology and help make your building more sustainable and energy-efficient than ever before.

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Key benefits

The bio solar solution is the perfect way to maximise your solar output while maintaining a biodiverse green roof, without the need for any roof penetrations.

This innovative system places substrate and vegetation ballast under the PV array, allowing the entire roof to qualify as a green roof, supporting a wide range of plant species and small invertebrates.

Moreover, the cooling effect of the green roof preserves ambient rooftop temperatures, keeping the modules at optimal output and increasing panel output by up to 5%.

The raised modules used in the bio solar system also allow light and moisture to penetrate under the panels, creating a variety of habitats.

It also comes with a single point of responsibility for the waterproofing, green roof, and PV installation, reducing the risk of panel damage during green roof maintenance. By using bio solar, you can be sure that your green roof and solar requirements are fully met while maximizing PV output.

The flora 3-seed mix used to support the green roof is specifically designed to work seamlessly under the PV modules, ensuring that there’s no shading. Best of all, this cost-effective solution does not require any extra ballast.

Solar mounting system - technical details​

Looking for an efficient and reliable solution for roof penetration-free mounting of your PV modules? Look no further than our load-supported solar mounting system. This comprehensive system includes everything you need for secure and easy installation of your PV modules or PV module series. With a sturdy base plate, mounting frame, and drainage and storage board, you can be confident that your system is built to last.

We also provide all associated easy mounting rails, module clamps, rail connector kit and wind bracing, meaning that you don’t have to worry about sourcing any additional components. Our system is designed to support your PV modules without requiring roof penetration, so you can enjoy a hassle-free installation process that won’t damage your roof.


Mounting system benefits for bio solar

  • UK manufactured
  • Easy installation
  • Fast delivery from order
  • Improved ground clearance for plant durability
  • Wider mount area to accept increasing panel sizes
  • For the construction of solar green roofs with extensive greening
  • Stability of the overall system proven in accordance with Eurocode1
  • Property-specific proof of stability can be provided (free of charge following receipt of order)
  • Suitable for roof areas with a roof pitch of 0 to 5
  • Penetration-free assembly on the roof
  • Available in inclines of 10, 15 and 20

General maintenance

Maintaining a balanced plant community on the roof is crucial for its sustainable system in the long-term. To achieve this, basic maintenance is required. We suggest performing living roof maintenance twice to four times a year, mainly in spring and late autumn, or as needed. Keep an eye on the effect of leaf litter on the vegetation as it may affect the plant life, even if it’s beneficial to biodiversity. Failure to maintain may result in guarantee invalidation. Please note that living roof areas which have specially designed plants should be disturbed as little as possible to avoid harm to microhabitats that may have developed on the roof.


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