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IKO Elements solar PV flat roof systems

Flat roofs lend themselves perfectly to the incorporation of solar panels, making it a highly effective solution to sustainable energy practices. The lack of interference from surrounding structures and obstacles maximises the panels’ access to sunlight, resulting in significantly greater energy generation and cost savings over time. It’s essential to have panels installed in a location with optimal sunlight exposure to ensure that they perform at their best.

Through this renewable energy alternative, businesses can reduce their reliance on traditional power sources, contributing to a decrease in their environmental impact and carbon footprint. By taking this environmentally-conscious step, you can create a more energy-efficient building or support green initiatives and practices, making the installation of solar panels on your flat roof a smart and proactive choice.

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Commercial solar PV systems

IKO, as a leading manufacturer of roofing, waterproofing, and insulation products, understands the importance of working with experts. We have therefore partnered with national strategic partners who have a comprehensive understanding of designing, installing, and delivering Solar PV systems.

If you’re interested in learning more about our exclusive Solar PV solutions for commercial projects, please contact us and we’ll have one of our experts reach out to you with further details. While our services are exclusively tailored to commercial projects, we’re committed to meeting your unique needs and requirements.


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