Finding your way through solar funding

As the construction industry sector’s trusted roofing partner, IKO can play an integral role in obtaining the independent evidence you need to qualify for funding. Furthermore, we can provide assistance and technical support throughout the tendering process and beyond.

Funding routes

The DfE allocates funding annually to help maintain and improve the condition of school buildings and grounds. Schools can access funding through either school condition allocations (SCA), with funds paid to eligible bodies responsible for maintaining school buildings, or the condition improvement fund (CIF), a bidding round with funds paid directly to single academy trusts, small multi-academy trusts (MATs), small voluntary aided (VA) bodies and sixth-form colleges.

In addition, devolved formula capital (DFC) is allocated for individual schools and other eligible institutions to spend on capital projects that meet their own priorities. Most funding for academies comes from the general annual grant (GAG). This is made up of school budget share, calculated on the same basis as for maintained schools in the same local authority.

How can IKO help?

Applying for funding can seem like a daunting task. With our extensive knowledge of the education sector, understanding of funding requirements, and technical expertise, IKO’s experts are well-positioned to guide eligible schools and academies on the process, helping to create a comprehensive case for funding applications.

Furthermore, a complete description of a building’s current roofing condition can improve an applying school’s chances of qualifying for funding – so it is worth engaging with IKO at the earliest opportunity.

What else can IKO offer?

As well as helping to obtain funding, IKO can assist with tendering by providing the necessary technical expertise for the individual project. We can connect schools with our approved nationwide contractor network and are involved in every stage of the process, from the design element and product manufacture to site inspections and final sign-off; so we have complete project visibility and quality control.

Solar funding

Funding is available for solar PV arrays on IKO flat roof systems with no capital outlay. You can reduce your carbon footprint, save money on energy bills, and raise awareness of renewable energy. To gain full funding for a PV installation, there are four elements: solar PV installation, scheme design, project management, and funding. IKO provides a range of solar PV solutions that can maximise output with minimal visual impact.

IKO and our partners can undertake full design and sizing to ensure maximum carbon and financial savings. IKO and partners project manage and coordinate the installation from start to finish, with no administration for you. Through a network of funding partners, we find suitable solutions for each project with emphasis on maximising environmental, economic, and social benefits.

Funding your scheme

You can lead the way in achieving net-zero carbon emissions. Funding schemes for renewable energy are now available to support your business in implementing sustainable energy sources. Solar photovoltaic panels offer clean energy and practical learning opportunities for students and teachers, while generating significant financial savings that provide energy security for schools.

A flat roof is an ideal space for a solar PV array, as it provides maximum exposure to sunlight and is an unobstructed area. Solar panels on flat roofs are easy to install and maintain and are cost-effective, with various funding and investment streams available for solar PV projects. Three main mechanisms for funding solar projects include Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), community-funded PPAs, and salix finance (public sector).

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