Looking to retrofit solar panels to your roof?​

The integration of photovoltaic panels via retrofitting is a practical and tactical solution to provide renewable energy for building projects.

This process involves the installation of a solar roof system that generates electricity and provides cost-effective benefits with minimal maintenance.

However, during the installation of PVs, taking into account extra weight loading and wind uplift pressures is a primary concern.

It is fundamental to investigate whether the current structure can bear the weight and accommodate a new system.

More importantly, before integrating solar PV into your building, it is crucial to emphasise that considerations for waterproofing membranes and your existing thermal insulation must be taken into account.

The installation of PV systems onto old roofs with limited life expectancy or minimal thermal insulation can harm energy efficiency, potentially negating any energy savings resulting from the installation.

The investment in PV systems may go to waste, especially in the case of a need for a roof replacement.


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