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IKO Elements green roof systems

At IKO, we are proud to introduce our innovative product, the IKO Elements green roof. A green roof, whether flat or pitched, is a roof adorned with a variety of lush elements such as sedum plants, herbs, wildflowers, or grasses. These environmentally friendly roofing solutions are often referred to by different names, including eco-roofs, vegetated roofs, living roofs, or even sod roofs. Additionally, they are categorised as either extensive or intensive green roofs.

Want to know more about IKO Elements green roof systems?

IKO is a company that takes pride in being a member of the prestigious GRO alliance. The GRO code is a standard of excellence that represents the best practices in green roofing design, specification, installation and maintenance. It is universally recognised as a code of best practice that guides behaviour and decision-making in the field of green roof design.

As a responsible and innovative company, IKO has always placed a premium on sustainability and environmental stewardship. We are proud to say that we work closely with the GRO Code of Best Practice for the UK and follow its guidelines. With the help of the GRO Code, we ensure that our green roofing solutions are of high quality, environmentally sound and sustainable. Our commitment to the GRO code is an affirmation of our dedication to providing our customers with eco-friendly and long-lasting green roofing systems that set the standard for the industry.

Sedum roof

One of our remarkable offerings is the sedum roof. It features a blend of sedum plants, which are succulent and adept at retaining moisture, making them suitable for diverse climates and weather conditions.

Sedum roofs are not only low-maintenance but also lightweight, starting from just 45 kg/m². For sedum roofs, IKO Elements provides the sedum-mix blanket, adorned with a variety of 6 to 8 sedum species.

This mix graces your roof with a vibrant display of colours, from white and yellow to pink, blooming from early spring to late autumn.

Herb & flower roof

For those who appreciate not only the aesthetics but also the fragrance of their green roofs, we offer the herb roof. Comprising a mix of herbs, this roof not only boasts vibrant and lush flowers but also includes some edible herbs.

IKO Elements offers a specially crafted sedum-herb blanket for these green roofs, ensuring that your roof remains attractive and green even during the winter months. Our flower roof is a masterpiece of nature, adorned with a mixture of wildflowers that bloom in magnificent colours from spring through to autumn.

To suit your preferences, IKO Elements offers a wildflower vegetation blanket. Even during winter, the addition of sedums adds an extra touch of green to your flower roof.

Biodiverse roof​

Biodiversity is crucial for maintaining the balance of life forms in an ecosystem. By adding a biodiverse vegetation layer to your roof, you not only minimise disruption to nature, but also provide shelter and food sources for bees, butterflies, and even birds.

Our various IKO Elements vegetation blankets, such as the bees and butterflies blanket, wildflower blankets, herb mats, and single-color flowering mats, align perfectly with this concept, contributing to the biodiversity of your living environment.

Green-blue roof

In today’s world, sustainable water management solutions are vital. Green-blue roofs can buffer large quantities of water and gradually release it into the sewage system, particularly during peak rainfall events.

IKO Elements detention and retention roofs provide the perfect solution by efficiently harvesting rainwater on the roof, ensuring sustainable water management.

Extensive & intensive green roofs

At IKO Group, we want to help you understand the differences between extensive and intensive green roofs, especially when considering our IKO Elements range.

These two distinct roofing solutions diverge in terms of structure thickness, weight, and maintenance demands, making it crucial to understand their unique characteristics.

Maintain a healthy green roof with regular maintenance

At IKO, we recommend two inspections per year to ensure all components are functioning correctly. Neglecting maintenance can reduce your green roof’s aesthetic and environmental benefits. Don’t let your valuable asset deteriorate, keep up with maintenance and enjoy the added value.


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