Local authorities

As well as working closely with civil engineers in prestigious highway maintenance projects nationwide, we also have an ongoing relationship with local authorities and utility companies for smaller scale road maintenance projects, such as ironwork reinstatements.

Our mastic asphalt solution, IKO Pacopatch, has a long-track record of being specified by local authorities and utilities companies across the country since 2001. Designed to reinstate failing surfaces surrounding manholes, drainage gullies and other public utility ironworks, this product offers a long-lasting solution by avoiding the costly second visit and providing a low-cost option in the long term; with the added benefit of a five-year materials guarantee.

IKO Pacopatch is not just the go-to-solution for local authorities and utility companies, but also very popular amongst installing contractors thanks to the advantages it provides during the installation process.

For example, Manly Co Ltd, a professional ironwork and civil engineering contractor, is one of the installing contractors who selected IKO Pacopatch to reinstate a failed manhole installation.

"We have used IKO Pacopatch for the past 15 years. Because IKO Pacopatch is voidless, no compaction is needed. This is a simple system which is fast to install, meaning we can reopen the roads to traffic quicker."
Mr Alan Lee
Managing Director at Manly Co Ltd

KierWSP are also amongst the contractors who have been installing the tried and tested IKO Pacopatch system for over a decade.

"Over a period of 15 years, we have reinstated circa 10,000 pieces of failed road ironworks using IKO Pacopatch across the county with no recorded problems."
Mr Ian Smith
Area Manager at KierWSP, Northamptonshire Highways