Plot 700 Winnersh Triangle – IKO Permaphalt

Project description

This project was a new build, where the main contractor specified the need to house a roof/plant room area at the top of a new office block. This required a robust, waterproof roofing solution.

Various systems were looked at from Single-Ply to Hot Melt, however IKO Permaphalt was chosen due to its robustness, speed of install and in an inverted roofing situation, potentially last the lifetime of the building.

The project was undertaken in March and April where the weather was not particularly kind and very changeable, however the roof was installed on budget and on time, even though a tight project time-line of only 6 weeks to complete all work was in place.

Photo of the Plot 700 Winnersh Triangle IKO Permaphalt system

Why IKO Permaphalt?

Originally, it was thought that a Single-Ply, warm roof installation would be the best solution. However, when consulting with IKO about the main requirements for the roofing solution, both pre and during installation, IKO Permaphalt was the obvious choice due to the speed of installation and the robust nature of the materials that would be used.

The roofing area where IKO Permaphalt would be used was scheduled to house the new buildings plant. The decision to go for an inverted roof was a valid one.

As the substrate for this section of the roof was newly installed concrete and the waterproofing part of this project was scheduled over colder months, IKO Permaphalt allowed a faster turnaround, a prerequisite for the project. Other waterproofing solutions such as Hot Melt would have required a minimum of 28 days drying time.

IKO Permaphalt was installed on BSF (Black Sheathing Felt), which acts to isolate the asphalt from the concrete deck. Any moisture within the deck would dissipate over time and allow the installation to continue uninterrupted.