Parkway Shopping Centre, Newbury – IKO Permatec Anti-Root

Project description

Parkway Shopping Newbury, modern shopping in a historical environment, offers an exceptional mix of high street retail and unique boutique stores with over 475,000 sq ft of shops and restaurants.

Above the retail space, is Parkway Living, a new development of 147 stylish and contemporary one and two bedroom apartments, and a three bedroom penthouse.

National envelope contractor, Prater worked with IKO to refine the original specification with a fully bonded waterproofing system which was then proposed to main contractor, Costain.

This solution would not only enable the building to be watertight, but also allow all the construction of the apartments and gardens to be built on top of the waterproofing system, providing extra waterproofing security.

Prater installed IKO’s hot melt waterproofing system and an intensive green roof system creating an aesthetic garden space which completed the impressive roofing project.

Photo of the Parkway Shopping Centre, Newbury IKO Permatec Anti-Root system

The roof areas comprise of IKO Permatec Ecowrap Hot Melt System, Dow XPS Insulation & Dow Min-K Separation Layer, stone ballast and concrete pavers.

For the green roof areas (garden space), IKO Permatec Anti-Root, Dow XPS Insulation, Dow Min-K Separation Layer, IKO Plasfeed 20 Reservoir Board, and IKO Plasdrain 25 Drainage Board.

For the finished surface an Intensive Green Roof System (by Frost Landscape) was carefully chosen to provide colour and interest throughout the year and offer an ‘instant greening’ of the roof finish.

IKO Permatec, developed by IKO PLC, is a highly advanced and innovative hot melt waterproofing system, which provides environmental benefits as well as market leading performance.

Providing zero wrapper waste, lower application temperatures and anti-root protection, the product provides many operational advantages. It is also manufactured in the UK, with a dramatically lower carbon footprint than imported systems.

IKO Permatec is a specially formulated combination of refined bitumen, synthetic rubbers, fillers and other additives which improve flexibility and fatigue endurance. IKO Permatec is hot-applied in conjunction with carefully selected reinforcement and detailing fabrics and protection layers and is ideal for inverted or paved roofing areas.

BBA Certified, IKO Permatec boasts a self-sealing capability and rapid setting characteristics, which will last the life of the building.