Bishop Challoner Catholic College – IKO ULTRA Gold 20

Bishop Challoner Catholic College is based in Kings Heath, with over 1000 pupils; it is one of the highest performing comprehensive schools in the country.

Issues identified

Defective waterproof covering, which was constructed with standing seam aluminium which was very prone to movement and had been leaking for some time particularly in the box gutters.

Photo of Bishop Challoner Catholic College after the IKO ULTRA Gold 20 system installation
Photo of Bishop Challoner Catholic College prior to the IKO ULTRA Gold 20 system installation


The solution provided to the involved in filling the troughs of the standing seam with 60mm of IKO enertherm MG Insulation to give a level surface.

This was then overboard with another layer of 60mm of Insulation, which was mechanically fixed through to the standing seam aluminium this provided a stable and rigid surface upon which a two layer bituminous waterproofing system was applied.

The box gutters and parapet walls were boxed out with plywood prior to the application of the waterproofing. Complexity and Workmanship.


The College sports hall remained in full operation and access was a key issue to the site which involved critical management throughout contract to ensure both health and physical safety of pupils could be maintained.