Wiggins Metal, Hereford – IKO Polimar

Project description

Special Metals Wiggins Limited of Hereford deals in specialist metals and produces nickel alloy components for Rolls Royce turbo engines and the Ministry of Defence, amongst others.

The Wiggins building is half a century old and has suffered due to the hostile manufacturing environment within.

The production of special metal components involves the use of harsh chemical processes which have conspired to erode the original profiled metal roof system. The original profiled metal decking was covered with a layer of fibreboard and a layer of felt.

Deterioration was so bad in places that entire areas of the roof needed replacing. The expansive roof area consists of 13 bays in between a series of northlights. Four of these bays were so fragile that it was dangerous for contractors to walk on them.

Photo of the Wiggins Metal, Hereford IKO Polimar FCS