Coolock Library, Dublin – IKO Carrara


Requiring a roofing solution that would assist with the internal cooling of Coolock Library in Ireland, Dublin City Council specified IKO Carrara, a highly reflective roofing membrane designed to reflect radiant energy from the external environment.

Around 1,000m2 of IKO Carrara Cap Sheet was overlaid and bonded onto the existing primed membrane on Coolock Library, saving time and money to achieve a waterproof and environmentally friendly build-up.

Dublin City Council were particularly interested in IKO Carrara’s exceptional environmental properties with its view to adding photovoltaic panels (PV) to the existing building. PV panels in combination with IKO Carrara have greater efficiency, up to 25%, as the performance of the solar cells increases during sunny periods, at a lower ambient temperature.

Photo of the Coolock Library, Dublin IKO Carrara system

Solution and installation

Keith Proudfoot, from roofing contractors Titan Roofing who installed the IKO Carrara system said: “This was our first project using IKO Carrara and we were delighted with the service from IKO throughout the job.

“We achieved a fantastic finish with a wonderful product, much to the delight of the customer who has specified IKO for a number of future upgrade works.”

Not only does IKO offer a solution to overheating, the innovative, ecological roofing membrane helps to purify the air surrounding it.

IKO Carrara’s mineral finish is coated with a special type of titanium dioxide designed to convert harmful nitrogen and sulphur oxides (NOx and SOx) in the atmosphere into harmless and environmentally neutral substances.