East End Glasgow apartment development

Gross area: 2,750m2

Project sector: Residential

Contractor: LS Contracts

IKO guarantee: 20 years

Main IKO system: IKO Armourplan P

Other products/systems:

Spectravap PE

IKO enertherm ALU PIR

IKOfix Membrane Tube

Nicholsons IFP-300 system

Photo of the East End Glasgow flatted development roof
Photo of the East End Glasgow flatted development roof
Project description

In a bid to plug the affordable housing gap, cities across the UK are taking important steps to invest in social housing, with a range of new developments planned over the next decade.

In one such development in East End Glasgow, roofing contractor LS Contracts was enlisted to help deliver the 2,750m2 roofing package for a new three-block flatted development project.

The team was tasked with installing mono-pitched roofs on all three blocks, as well as ensuring photovoltaic (PV) panels could be installed on all three roofs without impacting the roof system or project timelines.

As the waterproofing partner for the project, the IKO team was closely involved from the very start, offering consultative support and expert technical advice to the client to ensure the project met their requirements.


The IKO Armourplan P system – a polyester-reinforced mechanically fixed PVC membrane – was selected for the waterproofing element of the roof.

A versatile membrane that can be used on both flat and sloping roofs, IKO Armourplan P offers enhanced mechanical properties compared to standard PVC and is UV-stable throughout, delivering an aesthetically pleasing, watertight finish.

The IKO Armourplan P membrane is manufactured at IKO’s Clay Cross site in Derbyshire, helping to minimise the project’s environmental impact. IKO enertherm ALU PIR insulation was also installed as part of the IKO Armourplan P system.

Photo of the East End Glasgow flatted development roof

The pitch of the roof, combined with the addition of PV panelling, presented some complexities for the LS Contracts team and IKO to overcome. Due to the steep pitch of the roofs, LS Contracts and IKO devised a solution using a Nicholsons IFP-300 system – secured with IKOfix Membrane tubes and FixFast SFRS58 – to ensure the panels could be securely fixed in position.

It was paramount that the positioning of the IFP-300 system was highly accurate, so the team worked closely alongside other trades to clearly identify the installation points and ensure the system and PV panels could be installed without penetrating the roofing system or causing major disruption to the project.

A demanding project with tight timescales, it was essential that materials were readily available to install when required. To overcome this, IKO materials were delivered to LS Contracts’ premises near to the site, eliminating the risk of supply issues impacting the project and providing the client with all-important confidence that the demands would be met in full. IKO technical engineers also regularly visited the site throughout the project, helping to ensure that excellent workmanship was maintained from start to finish.

The excellent collaboration between IKO, LS Contracts and the client was integral to completing the project on time, within budget and in line with stringent health and safety standards, while also delivering a fantastic finish that is fit for the future.

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