IKO Polymeric refurbishes Hopwood Hall’s Roof

Working with Enviroply Roofing Ltd, IKO Polymeric delivered an attractive single ply refurbishment roof solution for Hopwood Hall College. Using plywood and insulation to create new substrates, 900m2 of existing felt was overlaid with IKO Armourplan PSG single ply membrane with no disruption to the building users. IKO Armourplan P was used for detailing to ensure a neat finish.

The project was a challenge from various aspects. The details on the roof lights were particularly complex and required good workmanship and installation skills. The old rooflights had deteriorated and had caused failures at the junctions of the existing bituminous waterproofing layer.

Each separate roof area was connected by distinct “pods” which were refurbished by using a 30mm IKO enertherm PIR insulation board and adhering a non-fleece backed IKO Armourplan P membrane with contact adhesive to fully encapsulate each pod.

Accuracy was very important to give these complex details a sharp and tidy look. IKO Polymeric’s easy to install, flexible IKO Armourplan PSG membrane, which was installed on the main roof areas, was the perfect fit for this job. Enviroply Roofing’s installation team, led by Paul Johnson, demonstrated all the necessary skills to cope with the complexity of this project and managed to deliver an aesthetically pleasing project.

IKO Armourplan PSG was specified for this project to meet the 20 year guarantee required by the client. As a result of having high quality polymer throughout (even on the lower layers) and high performance reinforcement, this membrane offers enhanced benefits over standard PVC membranes. With only 1.2mm thickness, installation is made easier whilst also providing a long life expectancy to meet the guarantee requirement.

All the refurbishment work was carried out in the normal business hours, ensuring disruption was kept to a minimum whilst the work progressed efficiently to meet the strict deadline.

IKO Polymeric’s distribution partner SIG D&T played a significant role in completing the project on time. Due to the limited storage space on site, all the membrane and accessories were stocked in SIG D&T’s local branch, allowing the contractor to order and collect as required, effectively avoiding potential delays.

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