Clongowes Wood College Swimming Pool – IKO Carrara


The Clongowes Wood College Swimming Pool roof was in need of repair but required a more innovative approach to make it both kind to the environment and also lightweight. An IKO Carrara roofing system was chosen due to the environmental credentials such as:

Purifying polluting air.
Cooling the roof as well as the building.
UV protection.
Made from recycled material.

Along with the longevity it can provide, careful detailing was also a prerequisite when dressing the most vulnerable penetrations, the roof outlets.

A guided walkway (essential for safety and ease of roof maintenance) was laid in a stepping stone pattern across the roof falls. This subsequently prevented trapping any water behind the laps.

Photo of the Clongowes Wood College Swimming Pool IKO Carrara system

Solution and installation

The main swimming pool roof refurbishment consisted of 1,000m² IKO Carrara Cap Sheet with an IKO Systems Torch-On Underlay and an IKO enertherm tapered insulation scheme (50- 270mm) below the cap sheet.

An IKO Systems Self-Adhesive AVCL was also used to complete the roofing buildup. In using IKO Carrara, the college will be neutralising on average, the emissions from up to 6 diesel cars each year.

The addition of a darker coloured walkway across the roof falls means it is much easier to stay safe on top of the building when inspections and maintenance are required, while also preventing any water being trapped behind the laps.

Keith Proudfoot
Titan Roofing

“IKO Carrara was specified because the architect, Wejchert Architects, was keen to use something new and innovative that would provide the college with a building that could work for the environment as well as waterproofing the facilities.

“The finish was complemented by the design team, and we are delighted to have been nominated by them for another project with IKO Carrara due on-site in early 2020.”