Laverstock, Bournemouth – IKO Polimar

Project description

Laverstock is a residential block of flats and situated on the cliff tops overlooking the sea at Boscombe, Bournemouth. The concrete components of the staircases, which provide residents with access to the flats on the upper levels, had not been waterproofed when initially constructed in the 1930’s.

The concrete had therefore become eroded over time due to general wear and tear and by the continued exposure to the coastal elements. Large sections of the concrete had also blown due to the continual freeze-thaw cycle of the winter months.

A robust, trafficable waterproof finish was required to fulfil the brief, and this had to be installed with minimal disruption to residents, allowing them access at all times.

The waterproofing system needed to offer some slip resistance and be aesthetically pleasing whilst still being functional and robust. Furthermore, the waterproofing works were due to be undertaken during the winter months and so cooler conditions were to be expected and needed to be allowed for.

Photo of the Laverstock, Bournemouth IKO Polimar walkway system
Photo of the Laverstock, Bournemouth IKO Polimar walkway system

The managing agents for the property approached local property consultants Bennington Green Associates, with a view to addressing this issue, and providing a long-term solution.

Having worked with IKO PLC on more than a dozen similar refurbishment projects, they were aware of the durability and ease of application offered by IKO Polimar FCS, – a liquid applied, balcony and walkway solution.

IKO Polimar FCS is a high performance, flexible and slip resistant, waterproofing coating designed specifically for areas of high foot traffic. Its rapid curing properties significantly reduce installation time, so once the works schedule was coordinated around the residents of the building, their day-to-day routine was not impeded.

The existing concrete needed to be repaired where the elements had already taken their toll. Once complete, the IKO approved contractor C&D Roofing & Leadwork, cleaned the concrete and applied the Polimar FCS primer to the surface and metal balustrades.

Once cured, the Polimar FCS liquid system was installed to the substrate and reinforced at abutments. Contrasting aggregated sections were laid where regular foot traffic will occur.

As the time was opportune, two further private balconies were also waterproofed during these works, to replace mastic asphalt that had become the source of water ingress.

As with the stairwell areas, the mastic asphalt was prepared, primed and waterproofed using IKIO Polimar FCS. The success of the waterproofing project to date has meant that further work on the main access walkway into the block will go ahead shortly. The project will carry a 15 year guarantee once completed.