Wigman Road, Nottingham – IKO Permatrack

Project description

Wigman Road on the outskirts of the City of Nottingham is a major thoroughfare for both light and heavy traffic. Built originally of concrete on mud flats by Italian prisoners of war in the 1940’s, the road was subsequently black topped.

However, City engineers have been faced with almost non-stop maintenance ever since, particularly in the areas of high stress at roadway junctions, traffic islands and areas of relative cracking where the asphalt surfacing passes over the underlying concrete joints.

The City was faced with miles of deteriorating roadway almost to the point of it becoming unusable. This had to be brought back to a surfacing of suitable standard to perform as a carriageway capable of withstanding the heavy traffic associated with a major thoroughfare.

Trials were conducted by a number of companies to repair areas of reflective cracking and the sample areas were monitored for overall performance. After several months of evaluation, IKO Permatrack from IKO PLC was selected for over 14,000 linear metres of joint repairs.


The system, incorporating IKO Permatrack PSB and IKO Permatrack H, provided a repair capable of accommodating high levels of movement and at the same time provide a hard wearing and long lasting surfacing.

After removing the damaged surfacing and cleaning all exposed surfaces, IKO Permatrack PSB was applied to ensure good adhesion between old and new surfacing.

IKO Permatrack H high modulus polymer modified asphalt was then installed up to the level of the existing roadway surfaces, and pre-coated chippings were then rolled into place to provide the necessary surface texture and skid resistance.

The completed joint infills brought the roadway back to a usable surface with very little disruption to the flow of traffic or disturbance to local residents.

Photo of the Wigman Road, Nottingham IKO Permatrack system