Dock Road, Tilbury – IKO Permatrack H

Project description

The major route in and out of the Port of Tilbury sustains daily, continual heavy HGV traffic which can deteriorate road joints. A cost effective solution was required, with minimum disruption to all road users.


The IKO Permatrack H Bridge Joints were chosen for their proven track record on numerous other joints installed on the UK’s motorway network.

It was vitally important that this solution could be installed on joints wider that 500mm (up to 875mm) and due to strict timing schedules, could be installed quickly and efficiently.

Utilising ‘ready to lay’ material from a hot charge vehicle meant IKO could match the strict schedule and assist in reducing disruption to traffic.


Working overnight and maintaining a traffic flow allowed the work to commence during low periods of traffic with closures and disruption kept to a minimum.

A robust night schedule ensured joints were complete, ready for full road use by approx. 5am the following morning.

Photo of the Dock Road, Tilbury IKO Permatrack H system