Goosecroft Lane, Northallerton – IKO Armourplan PSG

Project description

IKO Polymeric and DVC Roofing worked on an astonishing private housing project in Goosecroft Lane in Northallerton, a market town and civil parish in the Hambleton district of North Yorkshire.

The roofing project was challenging in so many aspects. The main challenge was the client’s requirement for a pitched roof that achieves the standing seam zinc effect by using single ply.

DVC Roofing demonstrated good roofing practice and excellent workmanship with the installation of the single ply roof in Goosecroft Lane, Northallerton. Aesthetics were the key to this project, therefore every single detail had to be spot on with no tolerance for short cuts.

IKO Polymeric’s technical team advised that the adhered roofing system would be the best option for this particular project as mechanical fixings would show under the membrane and negatively affect the desired look of the roof.

An adhered system would also stop the membrane flapping in windy conditions and avoid disruption to the occupiers of the private dwelling.

DVC Roofing’s installation team took their time to think about the most efficient way of installing IKO Polymeric’s Armourplan PSG membrane to give the roof a crisp and neat finish on the standing seams. From bottom to top, they made sure that every element of the roof build-up is installed as neat as possible.

First of all, they used a tongue and groove type OSB deck which they laid on the top of the rafters.  They then fitted a self-adhesive VCL (IKO System Underlay S-A Polyester Bituminous VCL) which enabled them to adhere the insulation boards on the top by using IKO Polymeric’s High-Performance PU Adhesive.

To make sure the adhesive sets properly and the insulation boards are installed as even as possible, they adhered a small proportion of the boards first and placed a heavy timber block on the top of them and repeated the same process for the rest of the roof.

They then adhered Armourplan PSG membrane on the top of the insulation boards by using IKOpro low foaming PU adhesive.

To make the installation look even better, they placed the colour matching standing seams on the membrane laps – at every 480mm – and welded them to the membrane so the membrane laps were nicely covered with IKO’s patterned standing seams which gave the roof its final touch.

IKO Armourplan PSG membrane has been installed very successfully on the top of the insulation boards without any raised areas or indentations. IKO Armourplan PSG is a unique membrane to IKO Polymeric.

With its superior reinforcement and the use of premium quality PVC throughout, this unique formulation provided DVC Roofing with extended guarantees and ease of installation at the same time. The extra flexibility of the membrane allowed tight and crisp detailing on standing seams to complement the building’s aesthetically pleasing look.

By paying extra attention to details, DVC Roofing’s qualified installers delivered a very neat finish matching the high standards of the client’s requirements.

In the early stages of the project, IKO Polymeric’s Technical Team also provided DVC Roofing with wind up-lift and U-value calculations. They supplied the whole roofing system including VCL, thermal insulation, membrane and insulation adhesives which provided the client with a single point guarantee.