64 Tonnes of Bespoke Mastic Asphalt Waterproofing Solution for a Large Residential Development

The Oval, Doncaster – IKO Permaphalt

Doncaster Commercial Refurbishment Social Housing
  • Client: St Ledger Homes
  • Main Contractor: ENGIE

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    The Oval, Doncaster

    “The biggest challenge we faced was working alongside vulnerable residents. Within a social housing environment, you’ve got some individuals of an elderly or vulnerable nature and you can’t just ‘get them out’ if something unfortunate happens. It was a part of the process from the early stages to look at how we can offer a product that works, that can strip off the existing solution, and can cure quickly enough so that we wouldn’t need to remove all the residents from their homes during the process.”

    “The IKO product ticked all the boxes in as it was safe, quick and easy to lay, and if there were any incidents during our time on site, then we could get the individuals out with little effort through temporary access over the product as it cures very fast. On projects like this, is it crucial to assess all potential scenarios. If you have to remove all the residents, such as during a fire evacuation, then you have to look at ensuring access away from the building. Putting alternatives like this in place would be extremely costly and so the fast curing feature of IKO Permaphalt was critical to the scheme by ensuring a safer environment for all.”

    Jon O’Neill Director of John Hill Associates