Domestic Dwelling, Sheffield – IKO Slate

Project description

When the garage at a house in Sheffield had to be rebuilt from scratch due to unforeseen circumstances, the homeowner was keen to make sure that re-cycled products were used for the job. He also wanted a roofing tile solution that would complement the original slate on the main roof of the house.

The garage was partially destroyed when a neighbour, whilst renovating the property next door, undermined the footings of the dividing wall and garage situated on the property boundary. The garage suffered a majority collapse and therefore had to be rebuilt from scratch.

Photo of the Domestic Dwelling, Sheffield IKOslate system


To meet the client’s brief, contractor Gordon Liddle of Aztec Shopfitting and Building Contractors suggested IKOslate for the pitched roof. IKOslate is a composite roof tile with the aesthetic qualities of natural slate but manufactured from 99% recycled and re-engineered materials.

In order to create the look and feel of natural slate, IKOslate are formed using the same moulds as would be used for quarried tiles. They therefore matched seamlessly with the slate roof of the main house.

The contractor liked the fact that IKOslate was easy to handle on site, particularly the handy carry packs with handles, which made for easy lifting of the tiles onto the roof. They found them easy to cut using power tools.

Tiles can be nailed down using a hammer or nail gun and cut with a hacksaw or jigsaw. The tiles on this project fitted together quickly, with markers situated on each tile indicating where the exposure lap should be. The contractor was also surprised at how light the tiles were – 80% lighter than traditional slate of the same size.

Each pack contains enough slates tiles to cover approximately 1.4-1.5m² with a 180mm batten gauge. 27 packs were ordered, and 27 packs were used – the inherent strength of IKOslate meant that there was no need to build a breakage factor into the order. The roof was finished with a standard dry ridge system to match a similar ridge on the house.

The contractor noticed that IKOslate provided an added bonus in terms of access, because once the composite tiles were laid, they could be walked over without damage, allowing them to complete other jobs. This would not have been possible if they had been laying slate tiles.

Aztec is keen to use new technologies and products where possible and the IKOslate was ideal for this project. They would happily recommend to anyone looking for a first class job and with environmental consideration in mind.