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Providing an ideal choice for heritage projects such as Grade I and Grade II listed buildings, Mastic Asphalt is also suitable for a whole range of roofing applications, where a smooth, seamless, durable surface is required. Suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects, it can be used on most deck types such as concrete, timber and profile metal.

Manufactured in the UK, IKO Mastic Asphalt Systems offer a long term durability that performs for the design life of the roof. Fully bonded system means water cannot track and defects can be spotted and fixed easily.

IKO Mastic asphalt roofing systems also provide an advantage for large projects as it can be laid at speed when supplied to site in bulk by hot charge transporters. By this method, one 18 tonne hot charge delivery vehicle can supply enough mastic asphalt to lay 360m2 of material to a depth of 20mm. This ensures that a roof can be quickly and efficiently waterproofed allowing other trades on site, often within hours.

IKO has been offsetting the carbon footprint of all the mastic asphalt roofing projects by using internationally approved carbon credits, providing you a green and sustainable solution.

IKO’s Mastic Asphalt solutions are also an ideal waterproofing material for extensive green roofs, intensive roof gardens and biodiversity roofs. They are completely resistant to root penetration and do not require an additional anti-root barrier. They can also be used on insulated warm roofs, un-insulated cold roofs and inverted roof specifications.

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IKO Permaphalt

    Key Benefits to your project
    • Completely Seamless Waterproofing

    • Conforms to Carbon Zero Standards

    • BBA approved (Certificate No. 89/2299)

    IKO Permascreed

      Key Benefits to your project
      • Fast-Track Application – avoids extended curing time associated with wet screeds

      • Can be trafficked or covered as soon as it has cooled to ambient temperature

      • Delivered Directly to Site in Purpose-Built Hot Charge Transporters

      IKO Roofstar Plus System

        Key Benefits to your project
        • Mastic Asphalt
          Completely Seamless Waterproofing with Vapour Resistivity

        • Complies with BS EN 12970:2000

        • Enhanced Product Stability Across a Wide Temperature Range

        IKO Roofstar System

          Key Benefits to your project
          • Mastic Asphalt
            Completely Seamless Waterproofing

          • Fire Performance achieving BS 476: Part 3: FAA

          • Completely seamless waterproofing with vapour resistivity

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