Free School Roof Condition Survey

We’re experts when it comes to school roof refurbishments and applying for school grants or CIF applications with supporting specifications.

We have a history of working with schools and approved contractors to find the right solution to fit your school or academy’s needs. As well as schools in the south of England, we work with school and academy trusts throughout the country with their bids for Condition Improvement Funding (CIF).

The time to apply for funding is now, so, if you need help, we offer a free, no obligation inspection service that will provide seamless assistance when submitting your CIF funding applications.

We have a completely flame-free application, meaning the safe and reliable installation of all roofing products and systems.

Not only that, but as a British manufacturer, IKO’s distribution centres are local and deliver products to site at just the right times to keep pupils safe. So get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

We are currently working with and supporting a whole host of schools throughout the country. Here’s the evidence:

Portslade Academy

Portslade Aldridge Community Academy is based in the heart of the bustling Portslade, Brighton. The school site is comprised of 24 roofs, covering an area of a whopping 4,000m2.

The school was able to successfully apply for CIF funding and, working with IKO, put the contract out to tender to a pool of IKO approved contractors. Eastbourne-based Clarke Roofing joined the team and installed the IKO Ultra Prevent built-up system.

The work was phased to minimise disruption to pupils and staff, with intrusive work carried out during summer months. The end result was a high-grade waterproofing solution with an insurance-backed, 25-year single point guarantee and a 0.18W/mK U-value, minimising the school’s energy bills.

Highgate Wood School, London

This project had a wide-ranging number of detailing factors to overcome, with cladding abutment details and changes in levels to be redesigned and encompassed into a system that also drained the roof areas where, historically, water had pooled.

Parts of the existing building also had roof sections that were completely inaccessible for routine maintenance, significantly reducing the performance of the waterproofing.

With a unified approach, we were able to assess the roofing condition, implement a Safe2Torch best practice schedule, and ensure there was no disruption to the school and pupils. In fact, the school remained open for the duration of the work.

Let us know your requirements and how we can help.