Can IKO Armourplan and IKO Spectraplan roofing systems be installed in adverse weather conditions?

Posted on February 17, 2022 by IKO-Team

Generally speaking roofing systems should not be installed in adverse weather conditions. It is not recommended to trap water within the roofing system and roofing materials should be kept clean and dry.

Generally adhesives, cleaners and sealants have a +5⁰C operating limit restricting their use in colder months. In cold weather conditions a mechanically fastened roof system may be more suitable for installation purposes.

Saying all that, IKO Polymeric has recently launched a new adhesive called IKOpro PUMA Zero. This adhesive can be used at temperatures as low as 0 c° degree and can be used for insulation attachment in addition to its use as a fleece backed membrane adhesive.