How should I store single ply membrane and flat roofing system materials on site?

The components of a single ply flat roof system – including the single ply membrane itself and thermal insulation boards – should generally be protected at all times. Preferably they should be stored indoors before use, and afforded as much protection as possible once on the roof awaiting installation.

BS 6229:2018, the code of practice for flat roofs with continuously supported flexible waterproof coverings, says, “It is important to keep all roofing materials – especially insulation and timber products – dry at all times and to protect roofing works in progress.”

The latest version of the standard goes on to recommend that wet materials should be discarded. Individual manufacturers are likely to take a more pragmatic stance, especially when any wetting is a result of unavoidable temporary exposure to the weather, rather than prolonged exposure to moisture.

If a material is weakened and/or distorted as a result of getting wet, it should be replaced. Other materials should be allowed to dry thoroughly and their condition checked prior to being installed. If there are any doubts, contact the manufacturer before use.

What storage recommendations do trade bodies make?

The Single Ply Roofing Association (SPRA) and the Insulation Manufacturer’s Association (IMA; who represent the PIR/PUR thermal insulation sector) have similar advice.

Thermal insulation products should be protected from the weather while stored and during installation. The packaging in which they are delivered is not appropriate protection – a weatherproof sheet or tarpaulin should be used – and if storing them outside is unavoidable then the product should be stacked clear of the ground.

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