IKO launches new high-performance insulation board

IKO has bolstered its insulation range with a new, high-performance PIR product for flat roofs.

Thanks to its high compressive strength and low lambda value, IKO enertherm GOLD improves heat retention and requires minimal thickness to achieve thermal requirements. Manufactured with a coarser foam, the product also retains its shape and dimensional stability for longer, resulting in an extended service life.

For installers, there are additional benefits. As well as being lightweight, it is easy to cut and can be walked on without affecting the insulation’s capabilities. This is particularly advantageous for sites with high foot traffic from follow-on trades.

David Coldham, Technical Director from IKO, said: “Featuring a seven-layer facing, IKO enertherm GOLD has been tested under extreme conditions for water absorption, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and emissivity, all of which enable it to perform to the highest standards.

“At IKO, we also offer comprehensive technical support through our highly experienced and knowledgeable technical team. Our services include U-value and condensation risk analysis, wind uplift and roof drainage calculations, and continual onsite assistance.”

IKO enertherm GOLD has a UK Class 1 fire rating, a low smoke emission rate and will not melt or drip. Manufactured in the UK, the insulation also offers a sustainable solution for all roofing needs.

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