New Green Roof Membrane from IKO Polymeric

IKO Polymeric has launched IKO Armourplan GB, a heavy duty single ply membrane that is specifically designed for green and ballasted roofs.

IKO Armourplan GB is a robust fleece-backed PVC membrane which makes it ideal for heavier roofing systems such as green and ballasted roof build-ups. 1.06m wide rolls make the membrane easier to carry and transport. It is an ideal choice for small scale projects as it helps with reducing waste. It also offers an easier installation for busy roofs where the roof surface has various rooflights, pipes, door and window thresholds etc.

The fleece at the back of IKO Armourplan GB also acts as a separation layer which makes the membrane compatible with bitumen and polystyrene. This makes IKO Armourplan GB suitable for refurbishment projects where bitumen is the waterproofing choice on the existing roof.

IKO Armourplan GB can be adhered by using IKOpro Sprayfast PU Adhesive, Spectrabond Low Foam PU Adhesive or IKOpro PUMA Zero Adhesive – the new addition to IKO’s adhesive family used for bonding single ply membranes as well as foil faced insulation.

If you want to find out more about the new IKO Armourplan GB membrane, get in touch with your Area Business Manager or email your enquiry to

For more information, please contact IKO Polymeric’s technical team.

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