Speedy solution to avoid project delays

IKO has developed a screed solution to reduce the long project waiting times in winter months.

Compared to using a traditional screed to create required falls, counter deflection or even out substrates, IKO Permascreed can shorten the project timelines by at least 28 days thanks to its fast-drying capabilities, meaning your building can be watertight in hours rather than weeks.

IKO Permascreed is designed to create drainage falls, level out uneven substrates, and provide a stable base for the specified roof deck waterproofing or surfacing system. Its special formulation delivers a fast-cooling screed which is trafficable the same day.

Marcus Lee, Divisional Director at IKO PLC, said: “Due to cold weather, in winter months the curing time of the traditional screeds take even longer, in most cases this can be at least 28 days. When a project is already facing other unavoidable delays, this can cause a real knock-on effect to the programme timelines.”

“This is when our fast-drying solution IKO Permascreed can be the answer to getting projects back on track. After it is installed, follow-on-trades can work on Permascreed the same day avoiding the extra waiting times traditional solutions require.”

Fast-drying ability is not the only benefit of IKO Permascreed. Suitable for most flat roof types, IKO Permascreed can also reduce the thickness and weight of a roof build-up by up to 80%. This can be a real value in early planning stages as the roof structure can benefit from further savings in the choice of materials.

Finally, manufactured in the UK, this innovative and versatile screed also offers no discernible carbon footprint.

Using internationally approved carbon credits, IKO has been offsetting the carbon footprint for the manufacture of all their asphalt products and IKO Permascreed is no exception to this… giving the product the green credentials and making it an ideal sustainable solution.

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