IKO ULTRA Torch-Free Self-Adhesive Underlay

IKO ULTRA Torch-Free Self-Adhesive Underlay

IKO ULTRA Torch-Free (T-F) Underlay is a polyester reinforced bitumen membrane used as an underlay within a built-up roofing system. The membrane is coated on both sides with a self-adhesive bitumen SBS elastomeric coating.

The upper surface is protected with a protective film that facilitates rapid bonding of the waterproofing layers. The self-adhesive coating underside is protected by a release film.

The underside has a self-adhesive bitumen coating that provides a 40% partial bond, allowing vapour dispersion between the membrane and substrate. It also has a 75mm selvedge that facilitates rapid installation of the lap joints.

The IKO ULTRA T-F Underlay is used as a partially bonded underlay within a built-up roofing specification system. It is to be used only for main flat roof areas and roof pitches up to 5° if reliant on adhesion alone.

For roof pitches over 5°, this underlay should also be mechanically fastened in accordance with BS8217 Table 5 or the IKO specification documents.

The unique self-adhesive profile of the IKO ULTRA T-F Underlay allows for a partial bond to be achieved to the substrate, therefore, reducing the risk of blistering from any trapped vapour.

Key benefits to your project

  • Partial Bond to prevent blistering from trapped moisture.
  • Flame-free application and rapid installation.
  • Surface protection from the film finish.

Product information

Brand: IKO Ultra
Material: Bituminous
Product type: Bituminous Membrane – Commercial
UK manufacturing: Yes
SKU: 62740000

Key performance criteria

By project type: New Build, Refurbishment
Installation method: Hot Air Weld Lap Bond, Partially Bonded, Self-Adhesive
Profession: Export Customers, Installing Contractors, Specifiers & Designers
Roof build ups: Warm Roof
Sector: Community & Amenity, Education, Health, Hotel & Leisure, Industrial, Mixed Use, Offices, Retail, Social Housing, Utilities


Width (mm): 1000