IKO Polimar Seal

IKO Polimar Seal

IKO Polimar Seal has been specifically designed as a single application, emergency waterproofing and repair solution for any roof surface with the capability of providing extended protection.

It can be applied in all weather conditions including rain and temperatures as low as 0 degrees Celsius when used in emergency waterproofing situations.

IKO Polimar Seal can also be applied in suitable conditions to complete roof areas to offer a medium term roof waterproofing solution.

IKO Polimar Seal is a single component, solvent based, fibre filled coating comprising a specialist mix of resins, polymers, and surface wetting agents.

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Product information

Brand: IKO Polimar
Product colour: Grey
SKU: MW700005

Key performance criteria

Usage: Cold Applied Liquid, Liquid Waterproofing System


Size (litres): 5, 20