IKO Aluminium Roof Outlet – Roof Balcony Outlet

IKO Aluminium Roof Outlet – Roof Balcony Outlet

Designed for use with concrete balcony structures and are fitted with flat grates for safe drainage in pedestrian accessed areas. Balconies provide valuable living space and optimising the spatial use of balcony areas for recreational and environmental benefits is beneficial to both new build and refurbishment projects.

Key benefits to your project

Product information

Brand: IKO
Product colour: Red
Product finish: Aluminium
Product type: Roof Outlet Accessory
SKU: 580003BO

Key performance criteria

By project type: Commercial Large, Commercial Medium, Commercial Small
Installation method: Mechanically Fixed
Profession: Contractor, Specifier
Sector: Flat


Diameter (mm): 83 to 110
Height (mm): 125 to 270
Width (mm): 229 to 305