IKO Aluminium Roof Outlet – Two Way Detail Outlet

IKO Aluminium Roof Outlet – Two Way Detail Outlet

Designed for applications where an angle is formed by the intersection of vertical and horizontal surfaces (for example, where a balcony or roof meets a parapet wall). They can be installed to provide either vertical or horizontal run-off and are suitable for use with most types of waterproofing membrane.

Key benefits to your project

Product information

Brand: IKO
Product colour: Red
Product finish: Aluminium
Product type: Roof Outlet Accessory
SKU: 5800047W

Key performance criteria

By project type: Commercial Large, Commercial Medium, Commercial Small
Installation method: Mechanically Fixed
Profession: Contractor, Specifier
Sector: Flat


Diameter (mm): 130
Height (mm): 400
Width (mm): 255