IKO Permaguard M Self-Adhesive Capsheet

IKO Permaguard M Self-Adhesive Capsheet

IKO Permaguard M Self-Adhesive Capsheet has been developed specifically for the professional installer and for use where traditional hot application techniques are inappropriate or prohibited by client requirements.

The combination of high-tensile, polyester bases and SBS elastomeric bitumen coatings ensures all the tried and trusted benefits of a high-performance, multi-layer, built-up system are achieved within a totally fire-safe application technique.

As well as being used for full system installations, the IKO Permaguard M membranes can also be used as detailing or fire break materials when using hot applied systems.

Key benefits to your project

  • Easy installation – self-adhesive/heat welding. No gas torches or hot bitumen required.
  • High strength – tough polyester-based membranes.
  • SBS elastomeric bitumen coating (low temperature flexibility -20 degrees Celsius).
  • Application in temperatures as low as -5 degrees Celsius.
  • Comprehensive guarantees available covering materials, workmanship, and design.

Product information

Brand: IKO Permaguard
Product colour: Black
Product finish: Mineral
SKU: 24040008

Key performance criteria

Accreditation: BES 6001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001
Certification: CE


Length (mm): 8000
Weight (kg): 35
Width (mm): 1000