IKO Permascreed L

IKO Permascreed L

IKO Permascreed L (Light Duty) is a Mastic Asphalt Screed product designed to provide drainage falls, a stable base for the specified roof waterproofing system, or simply a temporary waterproofing layer. It is ideal for both refurbishment and new build projects using insulated warm roofs, inverted roofs, green roofs, or incorporated balconies/terraces.

IKO Permascreed L (Light Duty) has been specifically manufactured for roofs, balconies, and walkways. It is applied at a thickness of 10mm to 25mm.

Our screed products are manufactured in the UK at our own Grangemill facility in Derbyshire. The production process is modern, clean, and controlled using raw and recycled materials which are carefully blended and processed.

IKO Permascreed contributes to the sustainability of every project with at least 30% of its contents sourced from recycled materials. As a screed manufacturer and supplier, IKO continues to focus on recycling raw materials, reducing packaging, cutting energy and water consumption and monitoring logistics to minimise environmental impact.

Key benefits to your project

  • Suitable for levelling uneven flat roofs to eliminate ponding on roofs, balconies, and walkways.
  • Easily creates a wide range of drainage falls in-line with BS 6233.
  • Can be walked on and waterproofed approximately one hour after installation.
  • Zero water content means no waiting for moisture to evaporate and eliminates the risk of cement-stained water entering the structure.
  • Can be used with most waterproofing systems and roof types e.g. mastic asphalt, bituminous roofing felt, liquid and hot melt systems etc.

Product information

Brand: IKO Permascreed
Product colour: Black
Product type: Mastic Asphalt
UK manufacturing: Yes
SKU: 54220000-2

Key performance criteria

Accreditation: BES 6001, CarbonZero, ISO 9001, ISO 14001
By project type: New Build, Refurbishment
Installation method: Hot Applied
Profession: Export Customers, Installing Contractors, Specifiers & Designers
Sector: Education, Health, Hotel & Leisure, Industrial, Mixed Use, Offices, Retail, Social Housing, Utilities